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Still.Motion 凝動空間

Still.Motion 凝動空間 2014-2017
(A Dance and Image Collaboration) 


Artist Statement:

As we are based in Hong Kong, space is very limited. As artists, our mind is a tool for expression and space should not restrict us from creative process. It is a contradicting factor that most artists struggle with.


Conceptual Artist & Photographer: Vincent Mak Siu Fung
*Dance Artist partners: Sudhee Liao (Singapore,HK), Melanie Heller (Germany), Kristy Rae (Canada), David Leung (HK), Chan Ka Ching (HK), Holly Athena Yau (HK), Eva Lin (China), Jared Taylor (Australia, HK), Bon Kwong (HK).
*Videographer: Vincent Mak Siu Fung (HK), Musician (for Video): William Woo (HK), Lee koon Lam (HK).

(Still. Motion 2014-2017 is part of【+】Visual Arts Exhibition)

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