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Consent vs Consent? (Zustimmung)

Consent vs Consent? (Zustimmung)
Wie heißen Sie?
Woher kommen Sie?
Wie alt sind Sie?
Having the ideas of inviting some neighbors in surrounding area where we live to be photographed was an inspiring experience. Our curiosity may not equal to acceptance. Until we started sharing some common or different living habit, we found a point of human touch and exchange. As an image based artist and photographer, I haven’t imagined that taking photos and getting consent by the “Refugee” from the war area such as Syrian and Afghanistan is a meaningful task for me. They are willing to be taken photos. It seems like that “The new comers in Germany need my photos showing their existence.” Finally, I got their consent to show their faces in the family photos standing and living around us. How about your “Consent”? In my project, I set a photo series and 15 family photos from the Refugee Camp in Hamburg, and installation of getting the “Consent Form (of acceptance)” to be filled by the public. 
Photo and conceptual artist: Vincent Mak
*Special thanks: Refugee families, Förden wohnen, Art for All, CCCD, HKADC


*特別鳴謝:難民家庭, Förden wohnen, 全人藝動, CCCD Artspace, HKADC *”Consent vs Consent?” Is part of the “Art for All Community art project in Hamburg”
“ I am Refugee!” A Response Exhibition of Art and Cultural Exchange with Refugees, will be shown in CCCD Artspace-Green Wave Art from 19-8-2018 to 15-9-2018.

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