Eine Autonomie des Körpers (Farbe)- Lissy G

An image and movement project

An Autonomy of Body (coloured)

A dancer's body is the place to execute the ideas and experience of individuals and a community creativities, developing from exploration and everyday life training. This project aims to investigate the various relationships of dance movement and imaging representations through the improvisation of dance with colour materials.

Creators -Dance Artists:

Lissy G (Lissy-g-dance.com), Dominic Braunersreuther ( @movement_of_nero),

Viktoria Hartmann (@hartmannvika), Irenee Zoppelletto (@irenee_zoppelletto),
Vincent Mak (conceptual artist, photographer)


Lissy G


Dominic Braunersreuther


Viktoria Hartmann


Irene Zoppelletto