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"Heroes from the youngsters" 英雄出年Exhibition 2016 (photo artwork:1995/2016)

自1995 年開始因拍攝一個攝影習作而多次探訪靈愛中心,這是一個位於西貢蛋家灣的美麗海灘傍的天堂。事隔20 年,本人有幸重訪與一班支持的朋友及舉辦社區攝影工作坊,除了是心感恩惠及存有念舊之情;而然仍然感受到不少現今社會對更新弟兄的不接納。因此我把舊照片加入裝置元素作再創造。在知道會把照片展覽的時候,我重訪或致電多年未見的朋友,有部分表示非常樂意展出他們的照片;然而因各種原因未能接觸或取得同意的朋友,我會在照片中有他們面貌的部分印上 “X”,這亦表示了他們的身分是隱藏的。

About the community photography class: The project aims at demonstrating the identity crisis encountered by the already alienat-ed group in an artistic way. Perpetuated by the mass media, stigmatization on drug users has makes it difficult for them to turn their life around and merge into the society. This is made apparent when some participants are reluctant to reveal their face to camera, with the fear of getting possible discrimination.

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