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Mak Siu Fung Vincent


BA (Hons) Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Master of Cultural Studies (with Distinction) Lingnan University


Vincent graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, his major was photographic design in 1998. After that, he used to be a photojournalist in local newspaper including The Sun and Mingpao for ten years. The sphere of his duties included local news photography, feature section photography and photo editing. Vincent is a freelance photographer now and specializes in photo education. In 2009 he joined Lumenvisum as a core member, and curated When Fidel Meets Mao exhibition of Joseph Fung, famous Chinese photographers and Yamile Calderon, Norwegian young artist at Lumenvisum in the next year. Between 2009 and 2010, he joined the Art Moves--Rekindling hearts with art and love in commemoration of two year anniversary of the Sichuan earthquake exhibition.


In mid2010, he began a personal photo project called Untitled Teenager -Cosplayer. Through taking photo of teenagers playing as comics’ and games’ roles—cosplayers, he tried to explore the inter world and presentation methods of how the teenagers nowadays react to the complex society, which is highly commercialize and urbanize. They react to the world with virtual self.


Since 2011, he has been taking a portrait photo project for the local elderly. As a core and in-house photographer and visual artist of Art for All, he is engaging his time and knowledge to conduct some photo projects for elderly. At the same time, he started a project related to their memories, called “A Collection of Supernovae”- Ordinary People’s Grand Events, which was exhibited in Grandpa Grandma Memory Boxes Exhibition in September 2012. In Nov 2012, the elderly memory project was exhibited and presented in Art of Good Health and Wellbeing International Conference at Fremantle, Australia.


In 2013, he obtained his master degree in Cultural Studies at Lingnan University. His essay in local community photo education was issued in E-criticism website at Lingnan University (  Meantime, he was invited to join the flagship exhibition, “Families 300” of Hong Kong International Photo Festival. He created a set of family photo to investigate the relationship between nowadays family imaging representations in Hong Kong.


In 2014, he is developing a creative project exploring the relationship between dancing body movement, memories and images. It’s his wishes to react the amazing grace by promoting local photo education, as well as developing personal and community photo projects.


In 2015, he was invited to participate a video documentary for a grand cross-disciplinary dance show choreographed by Pewan Chow (formal APA dance lecturer) in cooperated with Passoverdance and Chinese University of Hong Kong. In the project, a short film documentary and trailer for the show promotion was screened at the show.

In 2016 Apr, he was funded by (“making at in community” MA in master program), HKIEDU for an exhibition, “ Heroes from the Youngsters” in Fringe Club. The exhibition is about the stereotype identity of Drug re-habilitation.

In 2017, he has been developing a creative project exploring the relationship between dancing body movement, memories and images. "Still.Motion 2014-2017" Exhibition showed an collaboration of nine contemporary dance artists in various dance careers to breakthrough the art form of image and dance movement. A final set of Ink papers and dance video installation was exhibited in [+] Visual Arts Exhibition in Gallery 01, JCCAC

In 2018, he went to Hamburg to start the Refugee camp community art project in the "Art for All" team, he exhibited a series of refugee families portraits with a set of consents form as a questionnaire to aware the public concern about the Refugee Issues.


After his temporarily living in southern part of Germany for a series of artistic projects from 2018, he is now a freelance photographer major in portrait, product , fashion, dance and corporate image project for various companies and government departments.



Master of Cultural Studies (distinction), Lingnan University 2013

 BA (Hons)Photographic design,Hong Kong Polytechnic University1998

 Dip in Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University1994



Grants & Awards 

2ndRunner-up, (Feature Photographic Section), Hong Kong News Awards 2004



2018 AUG "Consent vs Consent (Zustimmung)", joint exhibition of “ I am Refugee!” A Response Exhibition of Art and Cultural Exchange with Refugees (*Art for All Community art project in Hamburg);

2018 JAN "The Heroes of Time -Sun Yat Sen in Hong Kong"
(Short film art, dance & Chinese Music Collaboration);

2017 JUL "Still.Motion 凝動空間 (A Dance and Image Collaboration)" Exhibition;


2016 APR "Heroes from the Youngsters 英雄出少年" -a documentary and community photo project revealing the social stereotype of drug rehabilitation centre in HK (Exhibition at Fringe Club);


2015 JUL "Gazed & Reflect" Exhibition- An artistic reflection on working with happy aging elderly by 12 community artists;


2014 SEP "Families 300" exhibition, Hongkong and Macau Visual ArtBiennial, Beijing;

2013 SEP "Families 300" exhibition, Hongkong International Photo Festival;

2012 NOV "Grandpa Grandma Memory Boxes" Exhibition -as a keynote presenter in Art of Good Health and Wellbeing International Conferenceat Fremantle,Australia;

2012 SEP "Grandpa Grandma Memory Boxes" Exhibition;

2011 "Megfauna TaiPei" Exhibition;

2011 "Contemporary Visual Arts" Exhibition, (JCCAC Art FestivalJointExhibition);

2010 APR, "Art Moves--Rekindling hearts with art and love in commemoration of two year anniversary of the Sichuan earthquake" exhibition.




2010 "New Beginning: Stories of brothers in Tan Ka Wan", articled by Elina Veikkola, (Co-operation with the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission, a book was published both in Finland and Hong Kong.)


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